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TOEFL Prep made easy

The International CAP with Rush has partnered with Magoosh to bring you the best online TOEFL prep courses. For only $75 you will get all this

330+ Practice Questions

The practice questions are carefully written and edited to give you the most accurate practice possible

Simple Design

Study online wherever you go. Magoosh software is easy to use, which makes it easier to learn the important lessons!

330+ Explanation videos

Each practice question has its own video explanation that includes the most important ideas, strategies, and mistakes.

Friendly support

Help is always available. If you don’t understand something, message the Magoosh tutors for a quick, clear explanation.

150+ Lesson videos

Learn everything from basic English grammar to advanced TOEFL strategies with our library of lesson videos.


You don’t need expensive classes and private tutors. Studying online is easier, and you save money, too.

Magoosh has Expert Tutors

Lucas Fink

Lucas Fink studied creative writing at Bard College and has been teaching English grammar and standardized tests, two of his greatest passions, for 7 years.

Chris Lele

Chris Lele is a UCLA graduate with more than 10 years of experience tutoring English and verbal skills for standardized tests. He has coached many students to perfect scores.

Kristin Keating

Kristin Keating has a PhD from UC Irvine and degrees in Education and English. She’s been helping students prepare for standardized tests for over 8 years.

Kevin Rocci

Kevin Rocci graduated from UC Santa Cruz. He has been tutoring standardized tests and teaching English in the US and Japan for more than 12 years.

Start your TOEFL Prep today

Start your TOEFL prep today!

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