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TestRocker is the #1 SAT & ACT prep program for busy students. It’s your online personal tutor. You can do it at your own pace, focusing on your personalized study plan, when you want and where you want. Our program is desktop and mobile compatible so that you can study on the go anywhere you need

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The Shortest Way to the Highest Score

TestRocker knows student-athletes are busy. Really busy! Still, high school athletes need to prep for the SAT & ACT just like any other student. Traditional test prep means spending hours of your week in a classroom outside of school. That’s time that student-athletes don’t have. That’s where TestRocker comes in to help.


The Proof is in the Numbers

2017 Student Success

• 77% of TestRocker Students Received Scholarships

• 93% Were Accepted Into one of Their Top Choice Schools

• 95% Would Recommend TestRocker to a Friend


Average Score Increases

+180 SAT | +4 ACT

Built for Student-Athletes

• On-demand program with 2000+ questions and question-specific video explanations, practice quizzes, full-length tests & hand-graded essay feedback.

• A detailed assessment of content knowledge at the start of the program to create a study plan individualized to the student.

• Real-time constant feedback such as mastery level, time spent, program completion, videos watched.

• Access to teachers 24/7 to clarify any doubts.

Coaches are out looking for the brightest and best athletes that they can.

Impress them and school admissions with an outstanding SAT & ACT score.