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Beat the SAT in just 20 minutes a day

Improve your score by at least 100 points by studying at your pace on your laptop, cell phone or tablet. Anytime, anywhere.

Every increase in your SAT score=more money in your pocket.

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What Makes Magoosh so great

Small Steps to Big Gains

  • Easy. Study for just 20 minutes a day
  • Accessible. Log in on a computer or Magoosh apps.
  • Flexible. Prep whenever you have the time

Maximize you score

  • Video Explanations for every question
  • Plug-and-play Study Schedules to prep efficiently
  • Personal help from Real Test Prep Experts

Good Habits Get Rewards

  • Rack up Points every time you study.
  • Text-message reminders keep you on track.
  • Trade in points for gift cards.

Magoosh makes studying for the SAT easy

Over 1500 Questions

Magoosh practice questions are carefully written and edited to give you the most accurate practice possible.

Explanation videos

Each practice question has its own video explanation which covers the vital concepts, shortcuts and pitfalls.

Lesson videos

Learn anything from simple geometry to passage deconstruction with Magoosh’s library of video lessons.

Simple design

Study online wherever you go. Magoosh’s clean and simple interface gets out of the way and lets you learn.

Friendly support

Help is always just a click away. If you don’t understand something, Magoosh tutors will explain it to you quickly and clearly.


You don’t need expensive classes and private tutors. Studying online is easier and we pass the savings on to you.

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A closer look at Magoosh’s SAT prep

Your dashboard suggests video lessons to watch, shows your progress and compares your results with other students.

Personalized dashboard

Choose your subjects and difficulty, then use the optional timed quiz mode to practice for a real exam.

Customizable practice sessions

Every lesson is made by one of our expert tutors. Watch the video, take notes and mark when you've finished a lesson.

Lesson Videos

Each practice question has its own video explanation which covers the vital concepts, shortcuts and pitfalls.

In-depth explanations

View a detailed summary of all of your past answers and filter by subject, question type, difficulty and more.

Detailed performance analysis

Learn absolutely every concept covered on the SAT and track your progress as you complete lessons.

Extensive lesson library

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