International FAQ

International CAP

The International College Advisory Program (CAP) is designed to help International students attend AND play soccer at a University in the United States
We do not guarantee placement. There are a lot of factors that will come into play with International students. We do feel very confident that if you do all the required information we will have no problem finding the right fit for you!
We have comprehensive process that we utilize that helps us learn more about YOU. Throughout this process we are asking questions that will help us narrow down the right college for you
Hopefully YES! But we have not seen you play, so until we see game footage and highlight videos that is a question that we can not answer
Yes. You will need 4-5 highlight video and a full game. This helps coaches get to know your style of play and if you would be a good fit.
Rush has partnered with select clubs across the country that will be able to answer that question for you.
Glad you asked, you can fill out this FREE EVALUATION
These requirements are based on what is needed for the International CAP. Requirements will vary from University to University.
  1. Fill out the Free Evaluation.
  2. Have the Financial needs to travel to the United States.
  3. Take the ACT or SAT.
  4. Take the TOEFL.
  5.  Fill out College Fit Finder Profile.
  6. Highlight videos.
  7. The Drive to want to play in the United States
Fill out the FREE EVALUATION and we will connect you with a partner club
We have a database of over 700 coaches. After you fill out the FREE EVALUATION And we gather more information about you. We will only send out to coaches that we feel are a good fit for YOU. This helps our coaches know that when we send them a player, we have gone through the process of getting to know you and we can truly recommend YOU to that Coach
This answer really varies depending on the college and your scholarship amount that you receive. The goal is to get your out of pocket expense down as low as possible. Once we narrow down college choices for you and offers are made, we can start to determine how much you will be looking out per year. You can expect to pay $10,000-$20,000 a year to attend a University in the United States. Junior College will be the least expensive route to go, but this is not always the best fit for everyone. Here is a College Net Cost Calculator      For the top 300 schools in the United States that can help determine what your out of pocket expense will be. Here are some cost to consider
  • Plane Tickets to the United States. Most likely you will need to make a trip to the United States prior to starting college. Also, do you plan to fly home for the Holidays?
  • Food. Many times this is included in your Room and Board cost if you live on campus. (estimate $200-$300 a month)
  • Misc Living Expenses.
    • Entertainment, cell phone, cable, clothes. (estimate $300 a month).
The short answer is Yes, but it does not have to be perfect. This is where to TOEFL comes in at. Don't worry, we have partnered with Magoosh to get your ready for the TOEFL. Each University requires a different TOEFL score, and it is something that we will ask right away once we narrow down your choices. One of the first steps for this program is to start studying for the TOEFL.  
Once you fill out the FREE Evaluation You will be notified within 72 business hours if you have been accepted into the program. The next steps are up to you. We will provide with you full access to the website and a Time Table of items to be completed prior to us reaching out to college coaches. The sooner we complete the required task, the sooner we can start reaching out to colleges coaches.  
As an international student coming to the United States, there are three different student visas that you could be issued:
  1. F1 Visa
  2. J1 Visa
  3. M1 Visa
The F1 and J1 visas allow for the possibility of employment in the US during your stay, while the M1 Visa does not. You need to be familiar with the types of visas, how they impact your financing while in the USA and how to go through the application and arrival processes. Don't worry, once you are accepted into the International CAP program, we will help you with the Visas!
Yes, depending on the type of Visa that you get. FI is purely a student visa, and J1 lets you work up to 20 hours a week upon certain conditions and authorizations. Each Coach also may have requirements about working during season.