How to pay for College

This may be one of the most important questions that we must answer prior to accepting any scholarship in the United States. You will have to prove that you have sufficient funds to cover your living expenses (housing, food, etc) and health insurance, as well as any tuition and fees.

So how much money will you need? You can get a general idea about expenses by looking at catalogs or application information provided by the university. Remember, however, that tuition rates vary tremendously. State (public) universities are generally, but not always, less expensive than private institutions. Some private institutions may be able to offer scholarships that state schools can not. Two-year or community colleges are usually less expensive than colleges and universities offering bachelor’s and graduate degrees.

The cost of living in different parts of the United States also varies. In general, living in urban areas (in or near a big city) is more expensive than living in smaller towns or rural areas. Food, clothing, entertainment, and other living expenses may be more expensive in a city.

Creating a Budget

Budgeting is a continuous process. We will start by looking at a general budget that will include tuition, room and board, transportation, and living expenses. Later we will  be more specific, taking into consideration all the additional expenses of moving and settling in. One very important factor in the general budget is health insurance, which can be as little as $1,000 annually for an individual or as much as $3,000. Learn More

Sources of Financial Aid

Locating financial aid for international students is sometimes not the easiest task, however we have compiled the most popular and common places that you can find international financial aid. Learn More

International Student Loans

Loans are available to international students that are planning to study in the USA, as long as they are planning to attend an approved school and have a US Citizen or permanent resident who can co-sign the loan with them when required. Learn More

Athletic Scholarships

All Universities have a set number of athletic scholarships they can offer based on what Division they are. Each University or College will have a set amount of money they can offer for athletic scholarships, and this will vary from each institution. The earlier we start applying, the better chance we have to receive an athletic scholarship.