Before we explore the email templates there are a few things that we need to cover. There are Contact Restrictions for each division. Take a few moments to get a better understanding of when coaches can respond to you. 

Keys to a successful email. 

  1. Short and easy to find information. If you are inviting a coach to watch you play in an upcoming showcase, remember that that coach is getting a lot of emails: what can you do to stand out? 
  2. Don’t include links to your showcase schedule. Include it in the email.
  3. Include key features about you. “I wear number 5 and have bright yellow shoes and have a white headband. 
  4. Include Jersey colors for each game. 
  5. Include your coaches and local CAP Director’s information. Especially if you are a freshman or sophomore. 
  6. Mention specific information about the college or soccer program: “I am interested in studying Education and see that you have a top ranked education program.”
  7. Include your highlight video link

General Email

An easy, simple email to send to a coach expressing your interest in their program

Showcase Emails

Your emails leading up to a showcase are some of most important emails you can send. Here are 5 sample emails you can use

College ID Camp Email

If you are attending a College ID Camp, you want to let the coaches know you will be attending