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Welcome to Elite Rush International CAP. We have partnered with Rush Soccer, the largest youth soccer club in the world.

Our mission is to help you succeed and achieve your goal of playing soccer at an University in the United States

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International College Advisory Program

Elite Rush is proud to be apart of The International CAP! It is designed to maximize the exposure for Elite Rush players to the United States Collegiate system.

  • Provide educational resources for the TOEFL, ACT & ACT Test
  • Access to 2,200+ US Collegiate coaches
  • International and US based College Exposure Camps

What we do for you

Play college soccer in America, get a soccer scholarship and earn your degree at the same time! With almost 1700 Soccer programs in the United States, there is a university for you! Rush has over 70 domestic clubs which gives you access to the largest college coaches database in the United States! Elite  Rush is ready to get started with your dreams!

National Collegiate Athletic Association

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What does it take to be eligible to play NCAA Soccer? What do your grades need to be? What test need to be taken? We will provide you with the resources to ensure you are eligible with the NCAA

Test of English as a Foreign Language.

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 Most American Universities require a score of 70+ on the TOEFL. Not to worry, we have the tools to help you improve all aspects of English, especially grammar, writing, listening and speaking.

Standardized Test

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Both the ACT and SAT are nationally recognized standardized tests and common admission requirements for US schools. Catering primarily to high school juniors and seniors, each test measures students’ proficiency in various critical skill areas-such as problem solving and reading comprehension-that are necessary for college success.

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