CFF Video Editor

Create your own highlight video with ease!

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Create Clips

Add an unlimited number of games and quickly create clips from each.

Easily rearrange your clips into the desired order to best showcase your ability.

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Quickly drag and drop overlays onto your video clips to single out a specific player.

​Select from circles, arrows, and you can even add text to highlight specific actions.

​Great for college highlight videos or for training purposes for your teams.

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Save & Share

Once your video is looking amazing… just click save and it automatically loads it to your profile.

If you want to share your video outside of your profile… not a problem.  Just copy the share link and send away.

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Easy Updates

When your team films another game and you need to update your video… just add in the new link and start editing.

​Select and rearrange your new clips, add the overlays, click save… and your new video shows up on your profile.

It really is that simple.

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