CAP+ is an optional resource with the College Advisory Program. CAP+ provides Rush Players and their families with additional support with full time Regional CAP Directors, exclusive discounts and resources and guidance every step of the way. There is NO need to pay for any recruitment service or program: CAP+ is here for YOU!


Exclusive Discounts

Regional Showcase Teams

One of the best ways to be seen by College Coaches

$25 Off

CFF Video Editing

Use College Fit Finder to create your highlight video!

50% Off

Highlight Video Creation

With just 3 full games, Rush will create your highlight video for you. No need to cycle through hours of game film, we will take care of it all.

$25 Off


ACT/SAT Online Prep classes, gaurenteed to raise your score

$25 Off

CAP + Clubs

Albany Rush Armarillo Rush Binghamon Rush
Buffalo Rush Cajun Rush Chicago Rush
Connecticut Rush Fremont Rush Iowa Rush
Long Island Rush Massachusetts Rush Missouri Rush
New England Rush New York Rush Phoenix Rush
Quad Cities Rush Rochester Rush Rush Union
SW Missouri Rush Syracuse Rush Virginia Rush
Wisconsin Rush Wisconsin Rush West


Guidance from Regional CAP Directors

CAP+ clubs have a dedicated, full-time Regional CAP Director

Once you start Phase One of the recruitment process, your CAP Director will be there to guide you as much as needed. The recruitment is different for everyone.

“There is no cookie cutter solution. Every player has their own path, their own concerns and we have to be there to provide support”

Josh Tyler

National CAP Director

Discount Code

CAP+ Players will recieve a discount code to waive the $1,000 for If you need your code, contact use below


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What will your Regional CAP Director do?

Ensure CFF is updated.
Invite College Coaches to
Attend Showcases.
Remind players to send emails 30/20/10/3 days in advance.
Send Coaches schedule and rosters.
Work with Team Manager to ensure brochures are printed.
Track guest players on a National level.

Keep all teams updated.
Upload new teams and players.
Host webinars/meetings for CFF.
Work with Team managers for profile pictures.
Track Commitments.
Work with marketing to track alumni.

Schedule Individual meetings.
Help Identify Select players.
Watch every player twice a year.
Assign task to keep players on track.
Implement the College Advisory Program.
Work with Player Development to mentally and physically prepare players for college soccer.
Provide individual works and fitness for players to do on their own.

Parent Education.
Financial Aid 101
Be a guide.

Provide Coaching Ed to help coaches understand the recruitment process.
Work closely with coaches and coaching ed to bridge the gap.
Assist coaches to select showcases.
Makes Coaches jobs easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to I join CAP+?

 Your local club will opt in to CAP+

  • Can I join individually? 

Not at the moment. There are so many benefits to CAP+ that are tied to your team or club that managing individual players would not be beneficial

  • Who helps me if my club is not part of CAP+?

Your local club will provide support for you. Non CAP+ clubs will have a local CAP Director that will be your guide through recruitment. 

  • Is there a cost to CAP+ ?

There is a small cost to CAP+. Your local club can provide you with that. When Clubs opt in to CAP+, Rush Soccer will send an invoice to your club, not to each indiviual

  • I thought CAP was free?

The College Advisory Program is a free resource for Rush Soccer familes. We provide services, programs and resouces to guide you along you way. CAP+ adds another layer of support and guidance, from the National CAP Staff